Does Your Windsor Property For Sale Need A Virtual Tour?

Posted in General Blog | 29/05/2012

Windsor Property For Sale

Windsor Property For Sale

There is no reason a home seller should wonder if their Windsor property for sale needs to include a virtual tour in their home marketing.  First of all, virtual tours work.  They take a potential buyer inside your home and give them a 360-degree view, which they can watch at any time of the day or night via their computer.  In a sense, it’s like having a 24-hour open house.

So what makes a successful virtual tour?

1.  Study the home’s best features.  What is the most interesting feature in each room?  Use that element at the start of your tour and end with that feature.  In other words, you don’t want your tour to start with an uninteresting focal point, like a doorway.  Start with something that will grab a buyer’s attention.

2.  Make the room larger:  By doing this, you will need to take out any excess or overly big furniture.  Make the space, clean, clutter free and open. Don’t have objects lying around, like an empty glass or a sweater on the couch.  Make your Windsor property for sale sparkle like you are anticipating company.

3.  Raise the camera level:  This is a technique often used to avoid any flare from windows or anything outside that is not appealing.

4.  Find the best location in a room to begin.  Think about your buyer and what they would want to see.  You want to film where each scene is interesting and gives the buyer a better idea of your Windsor property for sale.  If they don’t like what they see, they are on to the next virtual tour.

5.  Don’t fill your video with needless comments.  Buyers want to view your home, not hear or read long descriptions of your home.  For the most part, it’s better to avoid any type of language or commentary.  Highlight your homes features on your or your real estate agent’s website.

Remember, buyers won’t even look at a home online if it doesn’t have a virtual tour.  Your Windsor property for sale will get the much-needed exposure you need if your marketing program is up to date.

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