You Need to Sell Your House Quickly! Selling Your Windsor Ontario Home

Posted in General Blog | 20/01/2012

Windsor Ontario Homes

Windsor Ontario Homes

Yes, you have heard it before:  It’s a buyer’s market.  If you are in the market to sell your Windsor Ontario home, and for circumstances beyond your control you need to sell it quickly, here are some steps you can take to move the process along in the less stressful way possible.

First of all, understand the market conditions.  While real estate is improving, it’s still a tough climate for sellers.  With foreclosures and thousands of homes on the market, some priced at bargains, there is much competition out there with many Windsor Ontario homes.  Buyers understand this and want to make certain they are getting the best deal they can for the money.

But if you are forced to put your home on the market and need a quick sale, there are some ways to do it right.

1.  Slash Your Price:  No seller wants to give their house away and most don’t realize that the hard times has hit their homes value as well.  Yes, your home is the envy of the neighborhood, but be prepared to price competitively.  Many sellers feel they can always drop the price, so why not start out higher?  Because the first 30 days your home is on the market is the most important.  That’s when it attracts the most attention.  If you price it right in the beginning, you have a better chance to sell sooner.

2.  Slash Your Price Further. Once you have an idea on what your likely sale price will be, list your home a bit lower.  If you know you need to have your home sold within one month and are willing to go three percent below your asking price, go ahead and drop it that three percent now.  Don’t wait.  Be competitive right off the bat.   If your house has not received an offer in thirty days, make a more drastic cut in the price, even as high as ten percent.  Most houses sit on the market because they are over priced. By drastically cutting the price, you are welcoming a new wave of potential buyers into your home.

3. Keep Your Motions in Check: Don’t be fearful to negotiate, but keep your anger, insults and emotions away from the table.  If a price is still not agreed upon, maybe throw in some incentives, like the appliances, or a longer escrow.  But don’t be afraid to reject low-ball offers.

4.  Staging Works: Hiring a stager can do wonders and give your home a fresh, uncluttered look that every buyer is looking for, as it is easier for them to picture themselves living in your house.

By following these steps, your Windsor Ontario home may not be on the market for long.

2 Responses to You Need to Sell Your House Quickly! Selling Your Windsor Ontario Home

  1. Mega Quick Sale says:

    Hello there. Thanks for sharing these tips. The slashing of price may be a bit hard for some but you have a point there. Staging, yes, indeed, works. Definitely. A seller can also do some of these themselves.

    • sasha says:

      Ceteris paribus (all things being equal)– I love saying that–, although dropping the price may not be palatable for some, a seller usually has no other choice after 30 – 45 days (assuming the agent did a proper job marketing the home and the house is in average to above average shape). Home staging will make your house stand out amongst others in that price bracket and will lead to a quicker sale and in most cases, for a lot more money.

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